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Swaying in the lanes of memories… Bumping on the walls of reality… Balancing and trying to catch these simulated fireflies, ignoring the bright light in the background at the far end…



First Sip Of Coffee


Sitting here on this cozy Sunday eve, holding my hot coffee mug, my mind swiftly drifted into my old memory lanes… and as it goes…

Once upon a time, on one fine day,

When the Sun is breaking through the cold winter fog..

And when the leaves and branches of the rich green forests are slowly stretching to sense and feel that golden sunlight.. Which is gradually but sharply cutting through the woods, and is piercing this thick and stagnated air…

The scene of the beautiful sun which is bright orange in color, is gradually lighting up this earth.. Relative to lighting up the life with bright hopes and dreams..

The golden sun rays are gradually conquering the land area, and passing us a message that it’s how we should be shedding our good deeds and light across the world, gradually, slowly but powerfully…

I was then standing on the edge of a hill, looking at the shades that are yet to lit up… thoughts deep into that philosophy..

And she just came by and hugged me from the back.. I just turned my head, held her hand, let her come in front of me.. And looked deep in her eyes..

She said, “Your eyes are much brighter than the glorious sun…”

I said.. “I am glad you are the first one to see this light”

I moved closer and downwards after saying so..

She lifted her heels to reach me..

I kissed her on forehead.. And then on her cheek..

Both of us closed our eyes while I was kissing.. And by the time we opened our eyes, the sun was much brighter than before.. There are no shades of dark..

The snow on the petals and leaves started to melt, forming dew drops that are glittering like diamonds all over the place..

I could sense the thin and warm breeze, that’s progressively killing the coldness of the dark night..

I turned left and she had arranged a tea pie and two chairs on the plateau sort of a surface at that altitude..

She held my hand.. we both walked towards it..

Both were relaxed and I could see that love in her eyes while she was pouring in the filter coffee in my favorite coffee mug..

The aroma of the coffee had  spread across the atmosphere, many times quicker than the sun’s light that’s spreading across the globe..

I was waiting to have my first sip, while she was filling in her cup of coffee..

She just signaled that we can start with a blink of eyes.. And with a small jerk of her head..

I had my first sip.. In the midst of golden sun-rays, thick forests, on the that hill, above all n everything, The most lovely woman right in front of me…



Never Want To Grow-Up


It was the age of innocence,

When we were all alone and the days were just filled with silence,

We just used to while away our time without any sense,

It was time when we first met and the togetherness started to commence,

We started knowing each other, shared our thoughts, interests, which were pleasant and nice,

We started growing up together,

There were times when we jumped the fences,

And then times that had left us in trance,

Times when we used to bunk the schools and dance,

Times when we used to get hyper and tense,

Times when we used to listen to the same songs for hours together,

Times when we used to play the video games for days together,

Super Contra, NFS, AOE, Mario, are some of the names,

Times when we used to forget the times,

And used to get caught at home, even after so many efforts,

Times when we used to struggle together for marks and aces,

Times when we used to compete & compare with each other,

Times when we used to like same girls on the streets,

Times when we used to compromise for each other,

Times when we just used to click each other’s pictures,

Times when we used to play cricket on streets for days together,

Times when we used to fight with each other for the silliest of the reasons,

Times when we backed each other,

Times when we used to gossip till late nights,

Times when we used to pull each other legs,

Times when we used to wrestle,

Times when we used to laugh together without any reason,

Times when we used to celebrate all the festivals together,

Times when we used to struggle for even a little amount of finance,

Times when we gave more importance to each other than our own families,

The time goes on and all these many times the time just flew away,

Then we started calling ourselves as grownups,

Times are now with full of life, dreams, and ambitions,

We now started to experience the life’s new essence,

The togetherness started to turn into selfishness,

Interests turned out to be different,

Paths started deviating,

Distance started to increase,

Long meets became long phone calls,

Long phone calls to long chats,

Long chats to rare chats,

Rare chats to just Hi & Hello,

Sharing’s have now become secrets,

Success is the only thing that is at the back of our head,

Finally, here we are, calling ourselves successful,

While we’re so very happy for each other’s success,

We failed to realize that there isn’t any success without our people around us,

Some say that’s life,

Some say it’s reality,

Some say it’s practicality,


I say I miss you all,


And want to relive all those moments,

Want to revisit all those places together,

Stay there forever,

And never ever want to grow up.





The Choice Of Smart Discipline


It is often said that there are only two choices in life, the choice of discipline and the choice of regret. This has been a traditional formula since pre-historic times (may be)


Whether it is still the same or not, is a topic at debate.


We humans, who are known for our innovative methods, have also derived a new way to lead life, and that is the third choice. The choice of smart discipline.


I was having a conversation with my boss a lot of months ago, who was a believer in the aforesaid two choices and he cited some examples:


  1. A young lad would either study well i.e. choose the choice of discipline and settle well in life, or choose not to study and regret later. (Only two choices)
  2. A youngster who doesn’t want to drink and drive chooses discipline, and other one chooses to meet a fatal end (Only two choices)
  3. etc..


The trend has now changed. The third choice has proved to be more successful. The choice of smart discipline: Let’s look at the same examples:


  1. A young lad did not choose to study well, yet ensured discipline in the endeavors taken up – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark. Z, N.Modi, Sachin Tendulkar and many more – All of them have chosen the concept of Smart discipline
  2. A youngster who wants to drink and then books a cab to go back home, have been smart enough to pursue what he wanted and yet was disciplined to reach safe and left the society safe – The choice of smart discipline.


In this era, that has transitioned from super computers to smart phones, it is of utmost importance to have the choice of smart discipline to be successful.


I would want to leave the trail open to see how one is using this smart discipline in their daily life’. Think now, if not have already thought. 🙂




Letter to my Best Friend


On ur pursuit to do what you always wanted to – I wish u all the very best my dearest friend!!!

Do remember your principles during your victories and never compromise on your ethics during your weak moments!

Do not forget to rejoice while you realize wisdom!

Do respect the poor / weak while you admire the rich / strong!

Do dream about anything and never neglect any of those dreams thinking they are silly!

Do hear out others before you speak! Do not hesitate to do what is right – Internal embarrassment is more stronger and is worse than external embarrassment!

Listen to your conscience on what is right, and fight wisely! Seek an expert when confused – that expert can sometimes be SILENCE!

Do not give-up on anything – there is nothing called destiny unless it is wise to believe so!

Embrace hatred – that is something you need to expect at every step of your life towards success!

Life is always monotonous till the time YOU take it differently, and is never peaceful unless you fight for it!

Always try to reevaluate your thoughts to ensure that they are not contradicting any of your previous thoughts – most men turn out to be hypocrites, because of this negligence! Write them down to channelize them better!

Don’t be with yourself for too much time at the same ensure you take out enough time for yourself!

Find comfort in the fight rather than in the victory – most great men become great because they are persistent in their pursuits! It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters!

I will miss you more than anybody else, and hold you just next to my family! So glad to have you by my side – so glad to have held those little tiffs and challenges that jus made me more repulsive towards my failures and instilled that rage in me to overcome them – so glad to have those lengthy discussions that just helped me develop my critical thinking abilities – the more i write this the more i recollect all those memories as pictures…!

I think its this phase of our life when we should say goodbye to our childhood, and welcome the adult hood with smile, energy, and all the power we have acquired thus far only to become more powerful and to serve the sole purpose of our existence!

With love,
Your Pal…