The Choice Of Smart Discipline


It is often said that there are only two choices in life, the choice of discipline and the choice of regret. This has been a traditional formula since pre-historic times (may be)


Whether it is still the same or not, is a topic at debate.


We humans, who are known for our innovative methods, have also derived a new way to lead life, and that is the third choice. The choice of smart discipline.


I was having a conversation with my boss a lot of months ago, who was a believer in the aforesaid two choices and he cited some examples:


  1. A young lad would either study well i.e. choose the choice of discipline and settle well in life, or choose not to study and regret later. (Only two choices)
  2. A youngster who doesn’t want to drink and drive chooses discipline, and other one chooses to meet a fatal end (Only two choices)
  3. etc..


The trend has now changed. The third choice has proved to be more successful. The choice of smart discipline: Let’s look at the same examples:


  1. A young lad did not choose to study well, yet ensured discipline in the endeavors taken up – Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark. Z, N.Modi, Sachin Tendulkar and many more – All of them have chosen the concept of Smart discipline
  2. A youngster who wants to drink and then books a cab to go back home, have been smart enough to pursue what he wanted and yet was disciplined to reach safe and left the society safe – The choice of smart discipline.


In this era, that has transitioned from super computers to smart phones, it is of utmost importance to have the choice of smart discipline to be successful.


I would want to leave the trail open to see how one is using this smart discipline in their daily life’. Think now, if not have already thought. 🙂





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